Apr 26 – 2015 Buy INL

The only activity I made during the week was buying some shares of Inland (INL) – a specialist housebuilder and brownfield land developer. Given there is a need to diversify the portfolio, I have been looking for a housebuilder company. Demand currently exceeds supply these days and I see no end to that problem except to build more homes.

It is a profitable company with cash in bank. The projects in the pipeline seem quite interesting and are bound to reap in the benefits in the medium term. The shares have been tipped by Simon Thompson from IC who I rate quite highly – particularly in small caps shares.

There should be some caution looking ahead as shares tend to dip over the summer period. On that basis, I will be keeping an eye on the shares and may sell if they either reach 20% target or dip by more than 5%. As always, I will be keeping an eye for any unexplained dips/falls for some bargains.

As for my portfolio, the unrealised profits are approaching the £500 mark which is quite pleasing to see. One must take into account the £175 loss but clearly I am on track to achieve 5% for the overall £10k fund. This sure beats the current interest rate from the mainstream banks and it is only been a month since I first started.

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