Jul 19 – 2015 Review of Portfolio

Thought it was useful to review the portfolio on a share by share basis. Although I have banked some profit (£328), the current unrealised (yet to be banked) profit from the portfolio as of today is £765 which brings the total to £1,093. For a £10,000 portfolio, this equates to an almost 11% gain. The best comparator to use is the FTSE All Share Total Return (which includes dividends etc). As of today, the gain for the year to date is 6.5%. So I am perfectly content having managed to beat the benchmark so far.

EHG – I am up about 3% (£30) on this share. As previously mentioned, it is a luxury hotel group operating at Barbados. It has a lion’s share of the luxury hotels on the Island. The interim results published on 30 June was very positive. It stated that there has been a solid performance with year on year growth in all key operating measures. The six months reported covered the high season so the next six months may not be as good as the first six months although the Board has stated that they view the outlook for the Group with confidence. One must note the high dividend yield associated with this share and this should result in further buying.

This share has been tipped by Simon Thompson at IC. It can only mean a good thing. He tends to big it up from time to time. I am targeting a 20% gain before I consider selling it.

INL – Currently it is hovering around 10% gain. I strongly believe this has lots to go especially when they specialise in dealing with brownfield sites and preparing them for building i.e. constructors will not need to deal with planning permission etc. There has been some talks about this share being susceptible to a takeover. Let’s see if it happens. In the meantime, I will just be patient and see how this plays out.

OPAY – A disaster! I bought around 296p but shortly after my purchase, the share price plummeted. Given I had sold TEP far too early (had I not sold it, it would have rebounded to make 23% gain now!), I have decided to be patient and there was one point where it was down by 26%. This goes against my rule of selling it if at 10% loss or more. My patience seems to be paying off as it is now down by 15% and the last trading update was very positive. It stated that the trading remains strong and is in line with market expectations. Two big events will happen over the next couple of weeks – the approval of the Skrill acquisition and the Main Market listing. As it currently stands, it is eligible for FTSE250 which will attract tracker funds. So I will continue to be patient and see how this plays out.

RGS – It was up by 20% at one point which, with hindsight, I should have banked! This is easier said than done but history shows that with every update, it always goes down regardless. This was quite true with the recent trading update. It is now down by almost 17%. As mentioned above regarding the sale of TEP, I have decided to be patient and aim for a break-even or around 10% loss before I sell out. The reason being is that the update confirmed that the board expects the Group’s profitability will be in line with market consensus. So I am waiting for the storm to calm down before selling it.

TCM – Wow! This is currently up by 52% (£520). I am confident that this has some way to go so I will hold on for the ride up!

TTR – It seems I have bought at the right time. Currently up 23%. The recent shoot up can be attributed to an acquisition of a company that is expected to be immediately earnings enhancing. The trading update is on 22 July (i.e. this Wednesday). I am expecting good news as in the final results reported last March stated that the company had achieved a strong start to the new financial year and they are confident in their ability to continue to grow the business for the long term and look forward to the future with confidence. This sounds really upbeat – I may consider selling at the next spike up and buy again when this subsides. The share tends to track back down after a positive news.

UTW – It was up by 30% at one point but has now backtracked back to 18%. One of the non-execs has bought more shares. He has a proven track record of buying company that goes on to be successful. Patience is definitely one of the assets to have when holding this. However, if the downtrend continues, I may sell at around 10% to bank some.

XLM – This operates in the same sector as TTR. However, it is an advertising which signposts people to online gambling sites. It is an Israeli company which seems to be doing really well over the year. I am however a bit wary when it comes to foreign companies on AIM. This is up by 2% but I am expecting a trading update anytime this month. The company has been making a series of acquisitions which should enhance their future prospects going forward.

As mentioned above, there are some trading updates expected over the next couple of weeks so I will try and update this blog. It could be that I may need to sell some shares in order to lock down the profit or to stem the loss from spiralling further! Until then!

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