Apr 19 – 2015 Sell TEP Buy UTW

Not a good week as I’ve recorded my first loss (TEP), or rather the first result of a trade for this blog! A loss of £176. This was due to a write-down of £11m which impacted on expected profit of £63m. Although it must be noted that the write down relates to a historic gas leak/theft/manipulation. Another factor was the slowdown in customer intake. Unfortunately the share price sunk on Thursday morning by more than 20%. After reading the RNS (Trading Update), I had set a stop-loss but it made no difference to the market makers and my share got sold at the low opening price. Quite disappointing as the day before the RNS, I had a book profit of £100. Goes to show it is practically impossible to time the market. Also the holders did not

Apr 11 – 2015 Buy TSTL

Morning! What a glorious weather outside today – I plan to go for a 5 mile run at some point today. Need to prepare ahead of a 7.5mile race next weekend!

During the week, I have purchased another set of shares – Tristel (TSTL). I had been following this since last year. The share price has been moving sideways but I thought it was a good time to grab some at 70p. If one looks at the chart for the past year, one can see the support level of 70p. However, should it fall below 67/68, then I’m out. I am intrigued with their main products – wipes that help clean bacterial germs. Given I work as a public sector auditor specialising in the NHS, I know from experience the difficulties for NHS Trusts when it comes to keeping their MRSA bugs / C-Diff etc under control.

Mar 28 – 2015 Buy TCM

This week I made another addition to my shares collection buying a £1,000 worth of Telit Communications Plc. The preliminary results (6 months worth) came out on 23 March. I have been following this share for quite a while now as it focuses on an interesting marked – machine to machine (m2m) communications which is the underlying technology for the Internet of Things – this is dubbed to be the next biggest thing!

Mar 19 – 2015 Buy RGS & TRI

It has been a while since I last posted! However, I have made the first two trades yesterday buying Regenersis (RGS) and Trifast (TRI). Below I will set out my reasons for buying these two shares:


The interim results was out on 17 March (click here). I first came across this share from the Naked Trader website as well as Investors Chronicle to which I am subscribed. The share price was around 350p last year but took a nasty

Feb 21 – 2015 Investing Aim

I am coming to terms with the functions of wordpress. It does not allow for much creativity but serves the sole purpose well which is to blog new posts easily! I have managed my own website in the past and it can be incredibly difficult to update it on a regular basis – hence me using this wordpress to blog!

Thought I’d try and state my sole investing aim for this year. That is to generate a 10% return on my £10,000 fund. Given I have been dabbling with shares in the past three years, I am now ready to test out my skills, or rather luck given the market can be quite unpredictable! Achieving a 10% return is quite considerable if you take into account the current economic conditions. Deposits in bank saving accounts will only get you no more than 2% at best. This is also made difficult due to the low BoE interest rate at 0.5%.